Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Bible References


Psalm 18:20
Jehovah will recompense me according to my justice, according to the cleanness of my hands he will turn back to me.
Psalm 26:4
I sat not with men of vanity, and I will not go in with those lying hid.
Psalm 39:1
To the overseer, to Jeduthun: chanting of David. I said, I will watch my way from sinning with my tongue: I will watch for my mouth with a muzzle while yet the unjust one is before me.
Psalm 119:37
Cause mine eyes to pass from seeing vanity; make me live in thy way.
Exodus 20:17
Thou shalt not desire thy friend's house, thou shalt not desire thy friend's wife, and his servant and his maid and his ox and his ass and all which is to thy friend.
2 Samuel 11:2
And it will be at the time of the evening, and David will rise from off his bed, and will go upon the roof of the king's house: and he will see from the roof a woman washing herself; and the woman good of aspect exceedingly.
1 Kings 21:2
And Ahab will speak to Naboth, saying, Wilt thou give to me thy vineyard? and it shall be to me for a garden of herbs, for it is near by my house: and I will give to thee in its stead a vineyard good above it; if good in thine eyes I will give thee silver the price of this.
Job 31:1
I cut out a covenant for mine eyes; and why shall I show myself attentive to a virgin?
Proverbs 6:25
Thou shalt not desire her beauty in thy heart, and she shall not take thee with her eyelashes.
Proverbs 23:31
Thou shalt not look upon wine when it shall be red, when it shall give its eye in the cup, it will go about in uprightnesses.
Ecclesiastes 6:9
Good the sight of the eyes above the going of the soul. Also this is vanity and striving of spirit
Isaiah 33:15
He going in justice and speaking uprightness, rejecting in the plunder of oppression; shaking his hands from holding upon a gift, shutting his ear from the hearing of bloods, and binding up his eyes from looking upon evil;
Jeremiah 22:17
For thine eyes and thy heart not but for thy plunder and for guiltless blood to pour out, and for oppression and for running, to do.
Hosea 7:6
For they drew near their heart as a furnace in their lying in wait: all the night their baker slept; in the morning it burnt as the fire of flame.
Micah 2:2
And they desired fields, and they took by force; and houses, and they took away: and they oppressed a man and his house, and a man and his inheritance.
Matthew 5:28
But I say to you, That every one seeing a woman, to eagerly desire her, has already committed adultery with her, in his heart.
James 1:13
Let none say being tempted, that I am tempted of God: for God is not tempted of evils, and he tempts none:

Wicked thing

1 Kings 21:13
And two men will come, sons of Belial, and they will set before him: and the men of Belial will testify against Naboth before the people, saying, Naboth praised Jehovah and the king. And they will bring him without the city, and stone him with stones, and he will die.

I hate

Psalm 97:10
Hate evil, ye loving Jehovah: he watched the souls of his godly ones; he will deliver them from the hand of the unjust
Romans 12:9
Love unfeigned. Hating evil; fastened to good.


Psalm 14:3
All turned away together, they were corrupted: none doing good, not even one.
Psalm 36:3
The words of his mouth vanity and deceit: he ceased to be circumspect, to do good.
Psalm 40:4
Happy the man who set Jehovah his trust, and turned not to the arrogant, and those turning aside to falsehood.
Psalm 78:41
And they will turn back and tempt God, and they broke in upon the Holy One of Israel.
Psalm 125:5
And those turning to their winding ways, Jehovah will cause them to go with those working iniquity: peace upon Israel.
Exodus 32:8
For they turned aside quickly from the way which I commanded them: they made for them a molten calf, and worship to it, and will sacrifice to it, and will say, These thy gods, Israel, which raised thee up out of the land of Egypt
Joshua 23:6
And be strong greatly to watch and to do all written in the book of the law of Moses, so as not to turn away from it to the right or to the left;
1 Samuel 12:20
And Samuel will say to the people, Ye shall not be afraid: ye did all this wickedness: but ye shall not turn aside from after Jehovah, and serve ye Jehovah with all your heart.
1 Samuel 15:11
I lamented that I made Saul for king, for he turned back from after me, and my words he set not up. And it will kindle to Samuel, and he will cry to Jehovah all the night
Isaiah 30:11
Remove from the way, turn aside from the path, cause to cease from before us the Holy One of Israel.
Zephaniah 1:5
And those worshiping upon the roofs to the army of the heavens, and worshiping, swearing to Jehovah, and swearing to Malcham;
Galatians 4:9
And now, having known God, and rather known of God, how turn ye again to the weak and poor elements, to which again ye wish anew to be in a servile condition
Hebrews 10:39
And we are not of drawing down to perdition; but of faith to the acquisition of the soul.
2 Peter 2:21
For it was better for them not to have known the way of justice, than, having known, to turn back from the holy command delivererd to them.
1 John 2:19
They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they had remained with us, but, that they might be manifested, that they are not all of us.

It shall not

Deuteronomy 13:17
And there shall not cleave upon their hand any thing from that devoted to destruction: so that Jehovah shall turn back from the burning of his anger and give to thee mercy, and compassionate thee, as he sware to thy fathers;