1 To David a chanting. Mercy and judgment will I sing to thee, O Jehovah: I will play on the harp. 2 I will be prudent in a blameless way. When wilt thou come to me? I will go about in integrity of heart in the midst of my house. 3 I will not set a word of Belial before mine eyes: I hated him doing transgressions; he shall not cleave to me. 4 A heart of oppression shall depart from me: I shall not know evil.
5 Slandering his neighbor in secret, him will I cut off: him being lofty of eyes and broad of heart, with him I will not eat 6 Mine eyes are upon the faithful of the earth, to dwell with me: he walking in a blameless way, he shall serve me. 7 He doing deceit shall not dwell in the midst of my house: he speaking falsehoods shall not be prepared before mine eyes. 8 For the mornings I will destroy all the unjust of the land; to cut off from the city of Jehovah all doing iniquity.