Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


For he hath looked down from the height of his sanctuary; from heaven did the LORD behold the earth;

General references

Bible References

For he

Psalm 14:2
Yahweh, out of the heavens, looked down over the sons of men, - to see whether there was one that showed wisdom, enquiring after God: -
Psalm 33:13
Out of the heavens, hath Yahweh looked, He hath seen all the sons of men:
Deuteronomy 26:15
Look thou down out of thy holy habitation out of the heavens and bless thy people Israel, and the soil which thou hast given unto us, - as thou didst swear unto our fathers, a and flowing with milk and honey.
1 Kings 8:39
then wilt, thou thyself, hear in the heavens, in the settled place of thine abode, and forgive and act, and give unto every man according to all his ways, whose heart thou wilt know, - for, thou thyself alone, knowest the heart of all the sons of men;
2 Chronicles 16:9
For, as touching Yahweh, seeing that , his eyes, are ever running to and fro throughout all the earth, to shew himself strong with them who are perfect toward himself, thou hast made thyself foolish over this, - for, from henceforth, there shall be with thee - wars.

The height

Job 22:12
Is not, GOD, in the height of the heavens? Behold, then, the head of the stars, that they are high.
Hebrews 8:1
A crowning point on the things being spoken: - such a one as this, have we, as high-priest, who hath sat down on the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens, -
Hebrews 9:23
It was indeed therefore necessary for the glimpses of the things in the heavens with these to be purified; but, the heavenly things themselves, with better sacrifices than these.

General references

Lamentations 3:50
Until Yahweh out of the heavens shall look forth, and see,