Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


The LORD looketh from heaven; he beholdeth all the sons of men.

General references

Bible References


Psalm 11:4
Yahweh, is in his holy temple As for Yahweh, in the heavens, is his throne, His eyes, behold - His eyelashes test the sons of men.
Psalm 14:2
Yahweh, out of the heavens, looked down over the sons of men, - to see whether there was one that showed wisdom, enquiring after God: -
Psalm 102:19
That he looked down, out of his holy height, Yahweh, from the heavens unto the earth, directed his gaze; -
Genesis 6:12
And God beheld the earth, and lo! it had corrupted itself, - surely all flesh had corrupted its way, on the earth.
2 Chronicles 16:9
For, as touching Yahweh, seeing that , his eyes, are ever running to and fro throughout all the earth, to shew himself strong with them who are perfect toward himself, thou hast made thyself foolish over this, - for, from henceforth, there shall be with thee - wars.
Job 28:24
For, he, unto the ends of the earth, directeth his look, under all the heavens, he seeth;
Proverbs 15:3
In every place, are the eyes of Yahweh, observing the evil and the good.
Lamentations 3:50
Until Yahweh out of the heavens shall look forth, and see,


Psalm 53:2
God, out of the heavens, looked down upon the sons of men, - To see whether there was one that showed wisdom, Enquiring after God.
Jeremiah 23:23
Am I, a God at hand, Demandeth Yahweh, And not a God afar off?
Hebrews 4:13
And there is, no created thing, can be secreted before him, but, all things, are naked and exposed to his eyes: - as to whom is, our discourse.

General references

Genesis 11:5
And Yahweh came down, to behold the city, and the tower, - which the sons of men had built.