Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


When Israel went out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of strange language;

General references

Bible References


Exodus 12:41
And it will be from the end of thirty years and four hundred years, in this self-same day all the armies of Jehovah will go forth out of the land of Egypt
Exodus 13:3
And Moses will say to the people, Remember this day which ye came forth out of Egypt, out of the house of servants; for by strength of hand Jehovah brought you forth from here: and leavened shall not be eaten.
Exodus 20:2
I am Jehovah thy God, which brought thee forth out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of servants.
Deuteronomy 16:1
Watch the month of Abib, and do the passover to Jehovah thy God: for in the month of Abib Jehovah thy God brought thee out of Egypt by night
Deuteronomy 26:8
And Jehovah will bring us forth out of Egypt with a strong hand and with an extended arm, and with great appearance and with signs and with wonders;
Isaiah 11:16
And there was a highway for the remnant of his people which shall be left from Assur, as it was to Israel in the day of his coming up from the land of Egypt.

A people

Psalm 81:5
He set him a testimony in Joseph in his going forth upon the land of Egypt: I shall hear a lip I knew not
Genesis 42:23
And they will not know that Joseph heard them, for an interpreter between them.

General references

Hebrews 11:29
By faith they passed through the Red sea as by dry land: which the Egyptians having tried were swallowed down.