Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Hear me speedily, O LORD: my spirit faileth: hide not thy face from me, lest I be like unto them that go down into the pit.

Lest i be like, etc

Bible References

Hear me

Psalm 13:1
To the overseer; chanting of David.
Psalm 40:13
Be gracious, O Jehovah, to deliver me: hasten, O Jehovah, to help me.
Psalm 70:5
And I am poor and needy: O God, hasten to me, my help and my deliverer; thou, O Jehovah, wilt not delay.
Psalm 71:12
O God, thou wilt not be far off from me: my God, hasten for my help.

My spirit

Psalm 40:12
For evils even not being numbered encompassed about me: mine inquities overtook me, and I was not able to see; they were numerous above the hairs of my head, and my heart forsook me.
Psalm 69:3
I was wearied in my calling, my throat was dried up: mine eyes failed waiting for my God.
Isaiah 57:16
For not forever will I contend, and not to everlasting will I be angry: for the spirit will faint from before me, and the lives I made.
Luke 21:26
Men losing breath for fear and expectation of things coming on the habitable globe: for the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.

Hide not

Psalm 22:24
For he despised not and he abhorred not the afflictions of the bumble; and he hid not his face from him, and in his crying to him he heard.
Psalm 27:9
Thou wilt not cover thy face from me; thou wilt not turn away thy servant in anger: thou, wert my help; thou wilt not leave me and thou wilt not forsake me, my God saving me.
Psalm 69:17
And thou wilt not hide thy face from thy servant; for straits are to me.: hasten to answer me.
Isaiah 8:17
And I waited for Jehovah in his hiding his face from the house of Jacob, and I trusted to him.

Lest i be like, etc

Psalm 28:1
To David. To thee, O Jehovah, will I call, my rock; thou wilt not be silent from me: lest thou wilt be silent from me and I was made like with them going down to the pit
Psalm 88:4
I was reckoned with those going down to the pit: I was as a man of no strength:
Isaiah 38:18
For not hades shall praise thee, death celebrate: they going down to the pit shall not hope for thy truth.

General references

Deuteronomy 4:4
And ye cleaving to Jehovah your God, are living all of you this day.
Psalm 54:2
O God, hear my prayer: give ear to the sayings of my mouth.
Psalm 119:123
Mine eyes failed for thy salvation, and for the word of thy justice.