1 Chanting to David. O Jahovah, hear my prayer, give ear to my supplication: in thy faithfulness answer me; in thy justice. 2 And thou wilt not come into judgment with thy servant, for all living shall not be justified before thee.
3 For the enemy pursued my soul; he crushed to the earth my life; he caused me to dwell in darknesses, as the dead of old. 4 And my spirit will languish upon me, and my heart will be desolate within me.
5 I remembered the days of old and I meditated in all thy work, and I will meditate upon the work of thy hands. 6 I spread out my hands to thee: my soul as a weary land for thee. Silence.
7 Quickly answer me, O Jehovah: my spirit failed: thou wilt not hide thy face from me: I was made like those going down to the pit. 8 Cause me to hear thy mercy in the morning; for in thee I trusted: cause me to know the way that I shall go; for to thee I lifted up my soul. 9 Deliver me from mine enemies, O Jehovah: to thee I covered myself. 10 Teach me to do thine acceptance, for thou art my God: thy spirit is good; thou wilt guide me into a land of uprightness.
11 For sake of thy name, O Jehovah, thou wilt make me live: in thy justice thou wilt bring forth my soul out of straits. 12 And in thy mercy thou wilt cut off mine enemies, and thou destroyedst all those pressing my soul: for I am thy servant