1 When I cry, answer me, O mine own righteous God, In a strait place, thou hast made room for me, Show me favour, and hear my prayer.
2 Ye sons of the great! how long, turning my glory to contempt, will ye love emptiness, will ye seek falsehood? Selah. 3 Know ye, then, that Yahweh hath set apart the man of lovingkindness for himself: Yahweh, will hear, when I cry to him. 4 Be deeply moved, but do not sin, - Ponder in your own heart upon your bed, and be silent. Selah. 5 Sacrifice the sacrifices of righteousness; and put your trust in Yahweh.
6 Multitudes, are saying, Who will show us prosperity? Lift thou upon us the light of thy countenance, O Yahweh.
7 Thou hast put gladness in my heart, - beyond the season when, their corn and their new wine, have increased. 8 In peace, will I lay me down and at once sleep; for, thou, Yahweh alone, wilt cause me, in security, to dwell.