1 All ye peoples, clap your hands, Shout unto God, with the voice of triumph; 2 For, Yahweh - as Most High, is to be revered, A great king, over all the earth, 3 He will subjugate, Peoples under us, and, Tribes of men beneath our feet. 4 He chooseth for us our inheritance, The excellence of Jacob, which he hath loved. Selah.
5 God hath ascended with a shout, Yahweh, with the sound of a horn. 6 Sing praises unto God, sing praises, Sing praises to our King, sing praises; 7 For God is king of all the earth, Sing praises with understanding.
8 God, hath become king, over the nations, God, hath taken his seat upon his holy throne. 9 The willing-hearted of the peoples, have gathered themselves together, The people of the God of Abraham; For, to God, belong the shields of the earth, Greatly is he exalted.