1 To the overseer instruction to David: In the coming of Doeg the Edomite to Saul, and he will say to him, David came to the house of Ahimelech. Why wilt thou boast in evil, thou strong one? the mercy of God is all the day. 2 Thy tongue will purpose mischief as a razor being sharpened, working deceit. 3 Thou lovedst evil above good; falsehood more than speaking justice. Silence. 4 Thou lovedst all words of destruction, a tongue of deceit
5 Also God will break thee down forever; he will take thee and sweep thee away from the tent, and root thee up from the land of the living. Silence. 6 And the just shall see and fear, and laugh at him. 7 Behold, the man will not set God his strength, and he will trust in the multitude of his riches he will be strengthened in his mischief.
8 And I am as a green olive tree in the house of God: I trusted in the mercy of God forever and ever. 9 Omitted