Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


He shall reward evil unto mine enemies: cut them off in thy truth.

Bible References


Psalm 31:23
Love Yahweh, all ye his men of lovingkindness, - Faithfulness, doth Yahweh observe, but repayeth abundantly him that worketh proudly.
Psalm 137:8
O ruined daughter of Babylon, - how happy the man who shall repay thee thy dealing, wherewith thou didst deal with us!
2 Timothy 4:14
Alexander the coppersmith, of much baseness towards me, hath given proof, - the Lord will render unto him according to his works. -
Revelation 18:6
Render ye unto her, as, she also, rendered, and double thedouble, according to her works, - in the cup wherein she mixed, mix, unto her, double, -


Psalm 89:49
Where are thy former lovingkindnesses, O My Lord? Thou didst swear unto David, in thy faithfulness!