Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


They run and prepare themselves without my fault: awake to help me, and behold.

Bible References


1 Samuel 19:12
So Michal let David down through the window, and he went in flight and got away.
Proverbs 1:16
For their feet are running after evil, and they are quick to take a man's life.
Isaiah 59:7
Their feet go quickly to evil, and they take delight in the death of the upright; their thoughts are thoughts of sin; wasting and destruction are in their ways.
Acts 23:15
So now, will you and the Sanhedrin make a request to the military authorities to have him sent down to you, as if you were desiring to go into the business in greater detail; and we, before ever he gets to you, will be waiting to put him to death.
Romans 3:15
Their feet are quick in running after blood;


Psalm 5:6
You will send destruction on those whose words are false; the cruel man and the man of deceit are hated by the Lord.
Psalm 35:23
Be awake, O Lord, be moved to take up my cause, my God and my Lord.
Psalm 44:23
Why are you sleeping, O Lord? awake! and come to our help, do not give us up for ever.
Isaiah 51:9
Awake! awake! put on strength, O arm of the Lord, awake! as in the old days, in the generations long past. Was it not by you that Rahab was cut in two, and the dragon Wounded?

Basic English, produced by Mr C. K. Ogden of the Orthological Institute - public domain