Parallel Verses

New American Standard Bible

You broke open springs and torrents;
You dried up ever-flowing streams.

King James Version

Thou didst cleave the fountain and the flood: thou driedst up mighty rivers.

Holman Bible

You opened up springs and streams;
You dried up ever-flowing rivers.

International Standard Version

You opened both the spring and the river; you dried up flowing rivers.

A Conservative Version

Thou split fountain and flood. Thou dried up mighty rivers.

American Standard Version

Thou didst cleave fountain and flood: Thou driedst up mighty rivers.


You broke open fountains and streams;
You dried up ever-flowing rivers.

Bible in Basic English

You made valleys for fountains and springs; you made the ever-flowing rivers dry.

Darby Translation

Thou didst cleave fountain and torrent, thou driedst up ever-flowing rivers.

Julia Smith Translation

Thou didst cleave asunder the fountain and the torrent: thou driedst up the rivers of strength.

King James 2000

You did break open the fountain and the flood: you dried up mighty rivers.

Lexham Expanded Bible

You split open spring and wadi. You dried up ever-flowing rivers.

Modern King James verseion

You divide the fountain and the flood; You dry up mighty rivers.

Modern Spelling Tyndale-Coverdale

Thou bringest out fountains and waters out of the hard rocks; thou driest up mighty rivers.

NET Bible

You broke open the spring and the stream; you dried up perpetually flowing rivers.

New Heart English Bible

You opened up spring and stream. You dried up mighty rivers.

The Emphasized Bible

Thou, didst cleave open fountain and torrent, Thou, didst dry up rivers of steady flow:


Thou didst cleave the fountain and the flood: thou didst dry up mighty rivers.

World English Bible

You opened up spring and stream. You dried up mighty rivers.

Youngs Literal Translation

Thou hast cleaved a fountain and a stream, Thou hast dried up perennial flowings.




Context Readings

Prayer For Israel

14 Thou didst break the heads of leviathan in pieces and didst give him to be food to the people inhabiting the wilderness. 15 You broke open springs and torrents;
You dried up ever-flowing streams.
16 The day is thine, the night also is thine; thou hast prepared the light and the sun.

Cross References

Numbers 20:11

Then Moses lifted up his hand, and with his rod he smote the rock twice; and the water came out abundantly, and the congregation drank, and their beasts also.

Exodus 17:5-6

And the LORD said unto Moses, Go on before the people and take with thee of the elders of Israel and thy rod, with which thou didst smite the river take in thine hand and go.

Psalm 105:41

He opened the rock, and the waters gushed out; they ran in the dry places and became a river.

Isaiah 48:21

And they did not thirst when he led them through the deserts; he caused water to flow out of the rock for them; he clave the rock, and the waters gushed out.

Joshua 2:10

For we have heard how the LORD dried up the water of the Red sea for you when ye came out of Egypt and what ye did unto the two kings of the Amorites that were on the other side of the Jordan, Sihon and Og, whom ye utterly destroyed.

Joshua 3:13-17

And when the soles of the feet of the priests that bear the ark of the LORD, the Lord of all the earth, shall rest in the waters of the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan shall be cut off; for the waters that come down from above shall stand in a heap.

Exodus 14:21-22

And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.

2 Kings 2:8

And Elijah took his mantle and wrapped it together and smote the waters, and they separated to one side and the other so that they both went over on dry ground.

2 Kings 2:14

And taking up the mantle of Elijah that had fallen from him, he smote the waters, and said, Where is the LORD God of Elijah? And when he smote the waters, they separated to one side and the other, and Elisha went over.

Psalm 78:15

He clave the rocks in the wilderness and gave them drink as out of the great depths.

Isaiah 11:16

And there shall be a highway for the remnant of his people, which shall be left from Assyria like as it was for Israel in the day that he came up out of the land of Egypt.

Isaiah 44:27

that says to the deep, Be dry, and I will dry up thy rivers

Habakkuk 3:9

Thy bow was entirely uncovered, and the oaths unto the tribes, eternal word, when thou didst divide the earth with rivers.

Revelation 16:12

And the sixth angel poured out his vial into the great river Euphrates; and its water was dried up, that the way of the kings from the rising of the sun might be prepared.

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