1 God is known in Judah; in Israel his reputation is great. 2 His abode is in Salem, his dwelling place in Zion. 3 There he shattered sharp arrows, shields, swords, and weapons of war. Interlude
4 You are enveloped by light; more majestic than mountains filled with game. 5 Brave men were plundered while they slumbered in their sleep. All the men of the army were immobilized. 6 At the sound of your battle cry, God of Jacob, both horse and chariot rider fell into deep sleep.
7 You are awesome! who can stand in your presence when you're angry? 8 From heaven you declared judgment. The earth stands in awe and is quiet 9 when God arose to execute justice and to deliver all the afflicted of the earth. Interlude 10 Even human anger praises you; you will wear the survivors of your wrath as an ornament.
11 Let everyone who surrounds the LORD your God make a vow and fulfill it to the Awesome One. 12 He will humble the arrogant commanders-in-chief, instilling fear among the kings of the earth. To the director: To Jeduthun. A psalm of Asaph.

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