Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


And he smote his enemies in the hinder parts: he put them to a perpetual reproach.

Bible References

And he

1 Samuel 5:6
And the hand of Jehovah will be heavy upon the Ashdodites, and he will lay them waste and smite them with tumors, Ashdod and her bounds.
1 Samuel 6:4
And they will say, What the trespass that we shall turn back to him? And they will say, The number of the princes of Philisteim, five gold tumors, and five gold mice: for one smiting upon them all and upon your princes.
Job 40:12
See every proud one, and humble him; and crush the unjust in their place.

He put

Jeremiah 23:40
And I gave upon you an eternal reproach and perpetual shame, which shall not be forgotten.