Psalm 92:11

So hath mine eye descried them who were lying in wait for me, - Of my wicked assailants, mine ears, shall hear.

Psalm 54:7

For, out of all distress, hath he rescued me, - And, upon my foes, hath, mine own eye, looked.

Psalm 91:8

Save only, with thine own eyes, shalt thou discern, And, the recompense of the lawless, shalt thou see.

Psalm 37:34

Wait for Yahweh, and observe thou his path, that he may exalt thee, to inherit the earth, On the cutting off of the lawless, shalt thou look.

Psalm 59:10

My God of lovingkindness, will come to meet me, God, will let me look on mine adversaries.

Psalm 112:8

Upheld is his heart, he shall not be afraid, until that he gazeth on his foes.

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