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And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

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They cried

Luke 18:7
and will not God avenge his own elect, who cry to him night and day? will he delay their cause?
Hebrews 12:24
to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the aspersion of that blood which cries for pardon, and not for vengeance as that of Abel.


Revelation 3:7
And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia, write, "THESE things saith He that is holy, He that is true, He that hath the key of David, He that openeth what no man can shut; and shutteth what no man can open:
Revelation 15:3
and they sung the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the lamb, saying, "great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou king of ages.


Revelation 11:18
the nations were enrag'd, but the time of thy vengeance is come, and the time when the dead are to be judged, when thou wilt reward thy servants the prophets, the saints, and those that fear thy name, small and great, and exterminate those who have corrupted the land."
Revelation 16:5
and I heard the angel of the waters say, "thou art just, who art, and hast always been holy, because thou hast judged thus:
Revelation 18:20
O heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets, triumph at her ruin, since God hath avenged you on her.
Revelation 19:2
for just and right are his judgments; for he hath condemned the grand prostitute, who corrupted the earth with her licentiousness, and hath avenged the blood of his servants that were shed by her hand."
Luke 21:22
for this is the time of vengeance, when all that is writ, shall be accomplished.
Romans 12:19
dear brethren, avenge not yourselves, but leave that to the resentment of another: for it is written, "vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord."
2 Thessalonians 1:6
since it is agreeable to his justice to afflict those in their turn, who afflict you:

General references

2 Thessalonians 1:6
since it is agreeable to his justice to afflict those in their turn, who afflict you:
Hebrews 12:4
You have not yet resisted unto death, striving against sin.