1 O how pleasant are thy treadings, with thy shoes, thou prince's daughter? The joint of thy thighs are like a fair jewel, which is wrought by a cunning work master; 2 Thy navel is like a round goblet, which is never without drink. Thy womb is like a heap of wheat, set about with lilies; 3 Thy two breasts are like two twins of young roes. 4 Thy neck is as it were a tower of ivory; thine eyes are like the water pools in Heshbon, by the port of Bathrabbim. Thy nose is like the tower of Lebanon, which looketh toward Damascus. 5 That head that standeth upon thee is like Carmel; the hair of thy head is like the king's purple folden up in plates. 6 O how fair and lovely art thou, my darling, in pleasures? 7 Thy stature is like a date tree, and thy breasts like the grapes. 8 I said, I will climb up the date tree, and take hold of his branches. Thy breasts also shall be as the vine grapes, the smell of thy nostrils like the smell of apples, 9 and thy throat like the best wine. This shall be pure and clear for my love, his lips and teeth shall have their pleasure. 10 There will I turn me unto my love, and he shall turn him unto me.
11 O come on my love; let us go forth into the field, and take our lodging in the villages. 12 In the morning will we rise betimes, and go see the vineyard: if it be sprung forth, if the grapes be grown, and if the pomegranates be shot out. There will I give thee my breasts; 13 there shall the mandragoras give their smell beside our doors; there, O my love, have I kept unto thee all manner of fruits, both new and old.