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'Be Strong' in the Bible

And the spirit of Jehovah will be upon him, and he will judge Israel, and he will go forth to war: and Jehovah will give into his hand Cushan-Rishathaim, king of Aram; and his hand will be strong upon Cushan-Rishathaim.

The River Kishon swept them away. That ancient flooding river swept them away. March on! March on and be strong.

And the hand of Midian will be strong upon Israel: from the face of Midian the sons of Israel made to them clefts which are in the mountains, and caves and fastnesses.

and hearken what they say, and so shall thine hands be strong, and then thou shalt go down unto the host." Then he went down with Phurah his lad, even hard unto the men of arms that were in the host.

On the seventh day, before Samson went into the bedroom, the men of the city said to him: What could be sweeter than honey? What could be stronger than a lion? Samson replied: If you had not been plowing with my cow, you would not know the answer now.