5 occurrences

'Borne Witness' in the Bible

I, therefore, have seen, and borne witness - That, this, is, the, Son of God.

And they came unto John, and said unto him - Rabbi! he who was with thee beyond the Jordan, unto whom, thou, hast borne witness, see! the same, is immersing; and, all, are coming unto him.

Ye, have sent forth unto John, - and he hath borne witness to the truth: -

And so, the Father who sent me, he, hath borne witness concerning me; Neither, a sound of him, at any time, have ye heard, nor, a form of him, have ye seen;

And, he that hath seen, hath borne witness; and, genuine, is his testimony, and, he, knoweth that he saith, what is true, that, ye also, may believe.