Proverbs 19:13-25 - A Foolish Son Brings Ruin To Others

13 A foolish child is a ruin to his father, and the quarreling of a woman is a continuous dripping.

14 A house and wealth [are] an inheritance [from] fathers, but from Yahweh [comes] a woman who is prudent.

15 Laziness will bring on a deep sleep, and a person of idleness will suffer hunger.

16 He who guards commandments guards his life; he who is careless of his ways will be killed.

17 He who lends to Yahweh [is] he who is kind to the poor, and his benefits he will repay to him.

18 Discipline your child, for there is hope, but on his destruction do not set your desire.

19 A hot-tempered person pays a penalty; if you rescue [him], you will do [it] yet again.

20 Listen [to] advice and accept instruction so that you will gain wisdom for your {future}.

21 Many plans [are] in the heart of a man, but the purpose of Yahweh will be established.

22 The craving of a man [is] his steadfast loyalty, and [it is] better [to be] poor than a {liar}.

23 Fear of Yahweh [leads] to life; he who is filled [with it] will rest--he will not suffer harm.

24 A lazy person buries his hand in the dish, and even to his mouth he will not bring it back.

25 The scoffer you shall strike, and the simple, may they learn prudence, and reprove the intelligent [and] he will gain knowledge.