Deuteronomy 1:9-18 - Leaders For The Tribes

9 "I also told you at that time that I won't be able to sustain you on my own. 10 The LORD your God greatly multiplied your numbers, and today you are like the stars in the sky. 11 May the LORD, the God of your ancestors, increase your numbers a thousand times more, and may he bless you, as he promised you. 12 How can I bear the burden of you and your bickering all by myself? 13 Choose for yourselves wise and discerning men, known to your tribes, and appoint them as your leaders.

14 You answered by saying that this plan is a good thing.

15 So I chose leaders from your tribes, wise and respected men, and I appointed them over you commanders of thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens. 16 I charged your judges at that time, "When you hold a hearing between brothers, judge fairly between a man and his brother or between foreigners. 17 When you hold a hearing, don't be partial in judgment toward the least important or toward the great. Never fear men, because judgment belongs to God. If the matter is difficult for you, bring it to me for a hearing.' 18 I charged you at that time that you must do all of these things."

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