Proverbs 9:1-9 - Wisdom's Banquet

1 Wisdom built her house, she hewed out her seven pillars: 2 She slaughtered her slaughter; she mingled her wine; also she prepared her table. 3 She sent forth her girls: she will call upon the wings of the heights of the city, 4 Who the simple, he shall turn aside here: he wanting heart, she said to him, 5 Come ye, eat of my bread, and drink ye of the wine I mingled. 6 Forsake ye the foolish, and live; and go straight in the way of understanding. 7 He instructing him mocking received to himself dishonor: and he reproving to the unjust one, his blemish. 8 Thou shalt not reprove him mocking, lest he shall hate thee: reprove to the wise one and he will love thee. 9 Thou shalt give to the wise one and he will be more wise: make known to the just one and he will add receiving.