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a solemn appeal whereby one person imposes on another the obligation of speaking or acting as if under an oath (1Sa 14:24; Jos 6:26; 1Ki 22:16).

We have in the New Testament a striking example of this (Mt 26:63; Mr 5:7), where the high priest calls upon Christ to avow his true character. It would seem that in such a case the person so adjured could not refuse to give an answer.

The word "adjure", i.e., cause to swear is used with reference to the casting out of demons (Ac 19:13).

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The judge, king, or high priest with official authority putting one on his solemn oath; entailing the obligation of witnessing (Le 5:1). So Saul adjured the people not to eat until evening (1Sa 14:24-28). And Ahab adjured Micaiah to tell the truth, which elicited from him the real result of the approaching battle, after a previous ironical reply. Compare Song 2:7 margin; Mr 5:7; Ac 19:13; 1Th 5:27 margin.

Paul "adjuring" the Thessalonians "by the Lord that the epistle might be read to all the holy brethren." Jesus, who, as the meek "Lamb dumb before His shearers," would not reply to false charges, when "adjured (exorkizo se) by the living God," by the high priest, to tell the truth whether He be the Christ the Son of God, witnessed the truth concerning His Messiahship and His future advent in glory as the Son of man, which immediately brought on Him sentence of death. We Christians can so far join with the high priest's reply, "What further need have we of witnesses?" (Mt 26:63-65.) Christ's own witness alone is enough to assure us of His Godhead, the truth which He sealed with His blood.

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A solemn charge by one in authority to another to speak the truth under the obligation of an oath, as when Ahab adjured Micaiah, 1Ki 22:16, and when the high priest adjured our Lord. Mt 26:63. Also binding a person under a curse to do or not to do the thing enjoined, as in Jos 6:26; 1Sa 14:24: cf. also Mr 5:7; Ac 19:13. Also a 'solemn charge,' as in 1Th 5:27, in the margin.

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