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A Canaanitish city on the extreme south of Judea, the inhabitants of which drove back the Hebrews as they attempted to enter the promised land from Kadesh, Nu 21:1; it was afterwards subdued, Jos 10:41; 12:14; Jg 1:16. Robinson found its site on a hill about fifteen miles south of Hebron.

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(1.) Now Tell Arad, a Canaanite city, about 20 miles south of Hebron. The king of Arad "fought against Israel and took of them prisoners" when they were retreating from the confines of Edom (Nu 21:1; 33:40; Jg 1:16). It was finally subdued by Joshua (Jos 12:14).

(2.) One of the sons of Beriah (1Ch 8:15).

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1. 1Ch 8:15.

2. A Canaanite royal city (Jos 12:14), N. of the wilderness of Judah (Jg 1:16). In Nu 21:1; 33:40, for "king Arad the Canaanite" translate "the Canaanite king of Arad." Robinson identifies it as on the hill Tel Arad between Moladah and Hebron. A large white mound is all that is left to mark the site of the city of the king who attacked Israel.

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1. A city in the Negeb, the king of which provoked Israel (Nu 21:1) and was slain by Joshua (Jos 12:14). In its vicinity the Kenites settled (Jg 1:16). It is probably Tell 'Ar

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1. A royal city of the Canaanites, in the south, near Mount Hor, whose king fought against Israel, but who was by the help of God destroyed, both he and his people. Nu 21:1-3; 33:40; Jos 12:14; Jg 1:16. (In the two passages in Numbers read 'the Canaanite king of Arad.') It is identified with Tell Arad, 31 17' N, 35 7' E.

2. Son of Beriah, a descendant of Benjamin. 1Ch 8:15.

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(a wild ass), a Benjamite, son of Beriah, who drove out the inhabitants of Gath.

1Ch 8:15

(B.C. 536.)

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