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1. An ancient city on the north side of the Arnon, in the southern border of the tribe of Reuben, De 2:36; 4:48; Jos 13:9. It was in the territory of the Amorites, Jos 12:2, but seems to have fallen at a later day into the hands of Moab, Jer 48:19. See ARNON.

2. A town in the tribe of God, probably east of Rabbath-Ammon, Jos 13:25, and perhaps on the Jabbok, 2Sa 24:5. It is mentioned in Jg 11:33.

3. A town of Judah, to which David sent presents, 1Sa 30:28; 1Ch 11:44. Robinson found traces of it about sixteen miles south by west from Hebron.

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(1.) A town on the north bank of the Arnon (De 4:48; Jg 11:26; 2Ki 10:33), the southern boundary of the kingdom of Sihon (Jos 12:2). It is now called Arair, 13 miles west of the Dead Sea.

(2.) One of the towns built by the tribe of Gad (Nu 32:34) "before Rabbah" (Jos 13:25), the Ammonite capital. It was famous in the history of Jephthah (Jg 11:33) and of David (2Sa 24:5). (Comp. Isa 17:2; 2Ki 15:29.)

(3.) A city in the south of Judah, 12 miles south-east of Beersheba, to which David sent presents after recovering the spoil from the Amalekites at Ziklag (1Sa 30:26,28). It was the native city of two of David's warriors (1Ch 11:44). It is now called Ar'arah.

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("ruins, places with the foundations laid bore".) (See ARNON.)

1. The city taken from Sihon, king of the Amorites, and assigned to Reuben (De 2:36; Jos 13:9,16). Afterward in Moab's possession (Jer 48:19), though Aroer may there be regarded as only lying in Moab's way, when fleeing into the desert, and as asking the cause of Moab's flight. With Aroer is associated some "city that is in the midst of the river." Mr. Grove suggests that at the Arnon junction with the Lejum, one hour E. of Arair or Aroer, the hill with ruins on it may be the site of the city in question; no city could have stood in such a position immediately near Aroer.

2. Aroer facing Rabbbah of Ammon: "built," i.e. restored and enlarged, by Gad (Nu 32:34; Jg 11:33); now perhaps Ayra. Isa 17:2 refers to this Aroer with its dependent "cities," then "forsaken" through Tiglath Pileser's having carried away the inhabitants (2Ki 15:29).

3. A town in Judah (1Sa 30:28) to which David sent portions after his victory over the Amalekites at Ziklag. In the wady Ararah, 20 geographical miles S. of Hebron, on the road from Petra to Gaza.

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Three distinct places. 1. 'Aroer which is by the brink of the river Arnon' (De 2:36) is probably the ruin 'Ar

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1. City 'before Rabbah,' that is, near Rabbath Ammon, in the valley of the Jabbok, built or rebuilt by the tribe of Gad. Nu 32:34; Jos 13:25; 2Sa 24:5.

2. Moabite city on the north bank of the Arnon. De 2:36; Jos 13:9,16; Jg 11:26; 2Ki 10:33. Identified with Arair, 31 27' N, 35 43' E.

3. District near Damascus. Isa 17:2.

4. City in Judah, S.E. of Beersheba. 1Sa 30:28. Identified with Ararah, 31 11' N, 34 56' E.

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1. A city on the torrent Arnon, the southern point of the territory of Sihon king of the Amorites and afterwards of the tribe of Reuben,

De 2:36; 3:12; 4:48; Jos 12:2; 13:9,16; Jg 11:26; 2Ki 10:33; 1Ch 5:8

but later again in possession of Moab.

Jer 48:19

It is the modern Ara'ir, upon the very edge of the precipitous north bank of the Wady Mojeb.

2. Aroer, "that is 'facing' Rahbah" (Rabbah of Ammon), a town built by and belonging to Gad.

Nu 32:34; Jos 13:25; 2Sa 24:5

This is probably the place mentioned in

Jg 11:33

which was shown in Jerome's time.

3. Aroer, in

Isa 17:2

if a place at all, must be still farther north than either of the two already named.

4. A town in Judah, named only in

1Sa 30:28

perhaps Wady Ar'arah, on the road from Petra to Gaza.

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