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Reference: Ashkelon


A city of the Philistine Pentapolis. It is mentioned several times in the Tell el-Amarna correspondence. According to Jos 13:3, it was left unconquered; but the interpolated passage, Jg 1:18, enumerates it among the places captured by Israel. It is doubtful whether Samson took the spoil with which he paid his wages (Jg 14:19) from this city, which is two days' journey from Timnath, or from a similarly styled village, much nearer at hand, now possibly represented in name by Khurbet 'Askalan, near Tell Zakariya. It is referred to in the story of the return of the ark (1Sa 6:17), and in David's lament (2Sa 1:20), and with the other Philistine cities is made an object of denunciation by various prophets. Here Jonathan Maccab

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