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occurs in the Authorized Version as the rendering of various Hebrew words. In 1Sa 17:7, it means a weaver's frame or principal beam; in Hab 2:11, a crossbeam or girder; 2Ki 6:2,5, a cross-piece or rafter of a house; 1Ki 7:6, an architectural ornament as a projecting step or moulding; Eze 41:25, a thick plank. In the New Testament the word occurs only in Mt 7:3-4,5, and Lu 6:41-42, where it means (Gr. dokos) a large piece of wood used for building purposes, as contrasted with "mote" (Gr. karphos), a small piece or mere splinter. "Mote" and "beam" became proverbial for little and great faults.

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1. A tree roughly trimmed serving as support of the flat roof of an Eastern house (2Ki 6:2,5; Ezr 6:11 RV, Mt 7:3 ff., Lu 6:41 f.), or more elaborately dressed (2Ch 34:11 RV, Song 1:17) and gilded (2Ch 3:7). See House, Mote. 2. The weaver's beam (see Spinning and Weaving). 3. See Balance.

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