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The sockets of the lamps of the golden candlestick of the tabernacle are called bowls (Ex 25:31,33-34; 37:17,19-20); the same word so rendered being elsewhere rendered "cup" (Ge 44:2,12,16), and wine "pot" (Jer 35:5). The reservoir for oil, from which pipes led to each lamp in Zechariah's vision of the candlestick, is called also by this name (Zec 4:2-3); so also are the vessels used for libations (Ex 25:29; 37:16).

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It is impossible to distinguish with certainty between the numerous words reodered, somewhat indiscriminately, 'cup,' 'bason,' and 'bowl.' The wandering Bedouin of to-day make little use, for obvious reasons, of the fragile products of the potter's art, preferring vessels of skin, wood, and copper. The 'lordly dish' with which Sisera was served (Jg 5:25) was a bowl, doubtless of wood; so too, perhaps, Gideon's bowl (Jg 6:38) which bears the same name. For ordinary domestic purposes bowls of glazed or unglazed earthenware were preferred, of which specimens in endless variety have been unearthed (see Pottery). Among the wealthier classes silver and even gold (1Ki 10:21) were employed. Of one or other of these were doubtless the large bowls

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Besides the use to which bowls are commonly put, the word is applied to ornaments in the shape of a bowl placed on columns or on the golden candlestick. Ex 25:31-34; 37:17-20; 1Ki 7:41-42.

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