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1. riqmah, variegated by 'curious' needlework or by different colours. 16/10/type/web'>Eze 16:10,13,18; 16/type/web'>26:16; 27:7,16,24. The same Hebrew word is translated 'divers colours' in reference to the precious stones David had gathered together for the temple-service, 1Ch 29:2, and in the description of the great eagle in Eze 17:3. Also 'embroidering' in colours: cf. Ex 35:35; 38:23.

2. tashbets, chequer-work, used in the 'broidered coat,' which formed part of the high priest's dress. Ex 28:4. Also (shabats) in 'thou shalt embroider the coat of fine linen.' Ex 28:39. The stones in the breastplate were to be 'interwoven' in gold. Ex 28:20.

3. ??????, 'twined or plaited' hair, with which the Christian women were not to adorn themselves. 1Ti 2:9.

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