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1. Son of Enos, and father of Mahalaleel, Ge 5:9; 1Ch 1:2.

2. Son of Arphaxad and father of Salah, Lu 3:36. This Cainan, however, is not named in the three Old Testament genealogies, Ge 10:24; 11:12; 1Ch 1:24, nor in any ancient version. The name occurs in two places in the Septuagint, an early Greek version; and some suppose that copyists of Luke's gospel inserted the name, in order to agree with the Septuagint.

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possession; smith.

(1.) The fourth antediluvian patriarch, the eldest son of Enos. He was 70 years old at the birth of his eldest son Mahalaleel, after which he lived 840 years (Ge 5:9-14), and was 910 years old when he died. He is also called Kenan (1Ch 1:2).

(2.) The son of Arphaxad (Lu 3:36). He is nowhere named in the Old Testament. He is usually called the "second Cainan."

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("possessor" or "weapon-maker"), as Tubal-cain comes from the Arabic "to forge" (Ge 4:22). Son of Enos; aged 70 when he begat Mahalaleel; he lived 840 years more, and died at 910 (Ge 5:9-14; 1Ch 1:2). In Lu 3:36-37, second Cainan is introduced in the genealogy of Shem after the flood, a son of Cainan. A transcriber seems to have inserted it from the margin, where it was noted down from the Septuagint version of Ge 10:24; 11:12; 1Ch 1:18, but not in verse 24. For no Hebrew manuscript has it, nor the Samaritan Pentateuch, Chaldee, Syriac, and Vulgate versions from the Hebrew. Nor had even the Septuagint originally, according to Berosus, Polyhistor, Josephus, Philo, Theophilus of Antioch, Origen, Eusebius, Jerome. Beza's manuscript D, of Luke, omits it. Ephrem Syrus says the Chaldees in the time of Terah and Abraham worshipped a graven god, Cainan. The rabbis represented him as the introducer of idol worship and astrology.

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1. The son of Enos and father of Mahalaleel (Lu 3:37). See Kenan. 2. The son of Arphaxad (Lu 3:36, which follows Septuagint of Ge 10:24; 11:12). The name is wanting in the Heb. text of the last two passages.

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1. Son of Enos and father of Mahalaleel. Ge 5:9-11; Lu 3:37. Called KENAN in 1Ch 1:2.

2. Son of Arphaxad and father of Sala. Lu 3:36. This is commonly called the 'second' Cainan (because of the earlier one mentioned in Lu 3:37) and is remarkable in that it does not occur in the Hebrew, Samaritan Pentateuch, Vulgate, Syriac, nor Arabic texts in Ge 10:24; 11:12; 1Ch 1:18; but it is in the LXX, from which it may have found its way into the gospel of Luke, unless, as some suppose, it was added in the later copies of the LXX because of being found in Luke. In the genealogy of Matthew some names are omitted to make up the three times 'fourteen,'

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1. Son of Enos, aged 70 years when he begat Mahalaleel his son. He lived 840 years afterwards, and died aged 910.

Ge 6:9-14

2. Son of Arphaxad, and father of Sala, according to

Lu 3:36-37

and usually called the second Cainan. The is nowhere named in the Hebrew MSS. It seems certain that his name was introduced into the genealogies of the Greek Old Testament in order to bring them into harmony with the genealogy of Christ in St. Luke's Gospel.

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