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a vehicle moving on wheels, and usually drawn by oxen (2Sa 6:3). The Hebrew word thus rendered, 'agalah (1Sa 6:7-8), is also rendered "wagon" (Ge 45:19). It is used also to denote a war-chariot (Ps 46:9). Carts were used for the removal of the ark and its sacred utensils (Nu 7:3,6). After retaining the ark amongst them for seven months, the Philistines sent it back to the Israelites. On this occasion they set it in a new cart, probably a rude construction, with solid wooden wheels like that still used in Western Asia, which was drawn by two milch cows, which conveyed it straight to Beth-shemesh.

Illustration: Oriental Ox-Cart

A "cart rope," for the purpose of fastening loads on carts, is used (Isa 5:18) as a symbol of the power of sinful pleasures or habits over him who indulges them. (See Cord.) In Syria and Palestine wheel-carriages for any other purpose than the conveyance of agricultural produce are almost unknown.

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The vehicle on which the Philistines sent back the Ark. David in error also used a 'new cart' to fetch it from Gibeah: a human arrangement which displeased the Lord. 1 Sam. 6; 2Sa 6:3. The same word, agalah, is translated 'wagons,' which were sent from Egypt to bring Jacob and his family, Ge 45:19; and used for the carrying of parts of the tabernacle, Nu 7:3, where they are called 'covered wagons,' but which some prefer to call 'litter-wagons.' On the Egyptian and Ninevite monuments many carts are portrayed with two wheels, and some of the wheels were made with spokes.

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Ge 45:19,27; Nu 7:3,7-8

a vehicle drawn by cattle,

2Sa 6:6

to be distinguished from the chariot drawn by horses. Carts and wagons were either open or covered,

Nu 7:3

and were used for conveyance of person,

Ge 45:19


1Sa 6:7-8

or produce.

Am 2:13

The only cart used in western Asia has two wheels of solid wood.

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CART, a machine used in Palestine to force the corn out of the ear, and bruise the straw, Isa 28:27-28. The wheels of these carts were low, broad, and shod with iron, and were drawn over the sheaves spread on the floor by means of oxen.

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