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on the wall, which the Shunammite prepared for the prophet Elisha (2Ki 4:10), was an upper chamber over the porch through the hall toward the street. This was the "guest chamber" where entertainments were prepared (Mr 14:14). There were also "chambers within chambers" (1Ki 22:25; 2Ki 9:2). To enter into a chamber is used metaphorically of prayer and communion with God (Isa 26:20). The "chambers of the south" (Job 9:9) are probably the constelations of the southern hemisphere. The "chambers of imagery", i.e., chambers painted with images, as used by Ezekiel (Eze 8:12), is an expression denoting the vision the prophet had of the abominations practised by the Jews in Jerusalem.

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Now obsolescent, is used by AV in a variety of connexions where modern usage employs 'room,' as e.g. 'bed-chamber,' 'upper chamber,' etc. See, generally. House. For the Temple chambers, see Temple.



Ge 43:30; 2Sa 18:33; Ps 19:5; Da 6:10

The word chamber in these passages has much the same significance as with us, meaning the private rooms of the house --the guest chamber, as with us, meaning a room set apart for the accommodation of the visiting friend.

Mr 14:14-15; Lu 22:12

The upper chamber was used more particularly for the lodgment of strangers.

Ac 9:37

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