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2Ki 23:11, An officer who had charge of a king's lodgings and wardrobe. In eastern courts eunuchs were generally employed in this office, Es 1; 1:10,12,15. This title in Ro 16:23 probably denotes the steward or treasurer of the city.

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a confidential servant of the king (Ge 37:36; 39:1). In Ro 16:23 mention is made of "Erastus the chamberlain." Here the word denotes the treasurer of the city, or the quaestor, as the Romans styled him. He is almost the only convert from the higher ranks of whom mention is made (comp. Ac 17:34). Blastus, Herod's "chamberlain" (Ac 12:20), was his personal attendant or valet-de-chambre. The Hebrew word saris, thus translated in Es 1:10,15; 2:3,14,21, etc., properly means an eunuch (as in the marg.), as it is rendered in Isa 39:7; 56:3.

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Ro 16:23; Erastus, oikonomos, steward or public treasurer of the city, who kept account of the revenues. Latin arcarius. So in inscriptions in Marm. Oxon., 85, Neilos is called oikonomos of Asia. On the other hand Blastus was chamberlain (epi tou koitonos tou basileos) in a different sense, namely, over the king's bedchamber, a post of honor and intimacy (Ac 12:20).

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In OT the word occurs in 2Ki 23:11 and repeatedly in Est., where the original is 'eunuch' (s

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1. Eunuch who had care of the king's wives and concubines. 2Ki 23:11; Es 1:10-15; Ac 12:20.

2. Chamberlain, i.e., the treasurer or steward of the City of Corinth, whose salutations Paul sent to Rome. Ro 16:23.

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an officer attached to the court of a king, who formerly had charge of the private apartments or chambers of the palace. He kept the accounts of the public revenues. The office held by Blastus, "the king's chamberlain," was entirely different from this.

Ac 12:20

It was a post of honor which involved great intimacy and influence with the king. For chamberlain as used in the Old Testament, see [EUNUCH]

See Eunuch

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