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Heb. mishneh (2Ki 22:14; 2Ch 34:22), rendered in Revised Version "second quarter", the residence of the prophetess Huldah. The Authorized Version followed the Jewish commentators, who, following the Targum, gave the Hebrew word its post-Biblical sense, as if it meant a place of instruction. It properly means the "second," and may therefore denote the lower city (Acra), which was built after the portion of the city on Mount Zion, and was enclosed by a second wall.

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Not a school of learning in 2Ki 22:14, but the second part or suburb or lower part of the city. Zep 1:10, answering to Akra N. of Zion; the Bezetha or Newtown, Hebrew ha-mishneh); called by Josephus "the other city," i.e. the lower city (Ant. 15:11, section 5). "Outside the wall, between the two walls, which was a second part of the city" (Rashi).

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This stands in AV (2Ki 22:14; 2Ch 34:22) for the Heb. mishneh, which RV correctly renders 'second quarter,'

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The Hebrew word signifies 'second part,' as in the margin of 2Ki 22:14; 2Ch 34:22. It may refer to a part of the city where there was a school. The Rabbis derive it from 'to teach;' hence 'the school' of the prophets.

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