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1. Jer 36:14.

2... Zep 1:1.

3. Joab's retainer, a foreigner, probably from his name a Cushite, and so unrecognized by the watchman, and ignorant of David's devoted affection for Absalom, as appears from the abrupt inconsiderateness with which he announced Absalom's death. Less acquainted also with "the way of the Ciccar," the ground in the Jordan valley, from whence Ahimaaz outran him (2Sa 18:21-23).

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1. Joab's messenger to David on the death of Absalom. 2Sa 18:21-32, where the R.V. has 'the Cushite.'

2. Ancestor of Jehudi. Jer 36:14.

3. Father of Zephaniah the prophet. Zep 1:1.

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Properly "the Cushite," "the Ethiopian," a man apparently attached to Joab's person.

2Sa 18:21-25,31-32

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