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commendable, a Christian at Rome to whom Paul sent his salutation (Ro 16:5). He is spoken of as "the first fruits of Achaia" (R.V., "of Asia", i.e., of proconsular Asia, which is probably the correct reading). As being the first convert in that region, he was peculiarly dear to the apostle. He calls him his "well beloved."

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A Christian at Rome greeted by Paul as "my well beloved, who is the firstfruits of Achaia (Asia in the Alexandrinus, Vaticanus, and Sinaiticus manuscripts) unto Christ" (Ro 16:5). "Asia" is used in the restricted sense, Mysia, Lydia, and Curia.

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A beloved friend of St. Paul at Rome, greeted in Ro 16:5; he was the 'firstfruits of Asia (RV) unto Christ,' i.e. one of the first converts of that province. He was probably a native of Ephesus.

A. J. Maclean.

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A Christian at Rome saluted by Paul as his well-beloved "the first fruits of Achaia unto Christ." Ro 16:5.

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