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Reference: Ezbon


1. Ge 46:16; Nu 26:16 Ozni, a corruption by omitting the "b".

2. Son of Bela, son of Benjamin (1Ch 7:7). From his association with Iri, a Gadite name, Lord A. Hervey conjectures that both were Gadite families, incorporated into Benjamin after the slaughter (Judges 20), or from Jabesh Gilead (Jg 21:12-14).

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1. Eponym of a Gadite family (Ge 46:16), called in Nu 26:16 Ozni. 2. A grandson of Benjamin (1Ch 7:7).

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1. Son of Gad and head of a Gadite family. Ge 46:16. Called OZNI in Nu 26:16.

2. Son of Bela and grandson of Benjamin. 1Ch 7:7.

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1. Son of Gad, and founder of one of the Gadite families.

Ge 46:16; Nu 26:16

2. Son of Bela, the son of Benjamin according to

1Ch 7:7

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