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zizith. Nu 15:38 translated "that they add to the fringes of the borders (corners) a thread of blue, ... that ye may look upon it and remember all the commandments of the Lord and do them." (De 22:12). The ordinary outer garment was a quadrangle of cloth, to the four corners of which a tassel was attached. Each tassel had a thread of deep blue, marking the heavenly origin of the commandments of which it was to remind them.

The Pharisees "enlarged" the fringes to gain note for piety (Mt 23:5). Latterly the Jews have worn the fringed talith of a smaller size, as an under dress, especially at the synagogue morning prayer. The zizith on the sky-blue thread would be constantly before the Israelites' eyes, in order that, reminded thereby continually of God's commandments they might not turn their feet to the seductions of the world (Pr 4:25-26; 3:3; Re 19:8). The woman with the issue of blood touched Christ's hem, as the sacred part (Mt 9:20).

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In Nu 15:37 ff. the Hebrews are commanded to 'make them fringes (Heb. ts

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