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(1.) A Macedonian, Paul's fellow-traveller, and his host at Corinth when he wrote his Epistle to the Romans (Ro 16:23). He with his household were baptized by Paul (1Co 1:14). During a heathen outbreak against Paul at Ephesus the mob seized Gaius and Aristarchus because they could not find Paul, and rushed with them into the theatre. Some have identified this Gaius with No. (2).

(2.) A man of Derbe who accompanied Paul into Asia on his last journey to Jerusalem

(3.) A Christain of Asia Minor to whom John addressed his third epistle (3Jo 1:1).

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Paul's host at Corinth when Paul wrote (Ro 16:23), "mine host and of the whole church." Baptized by that apostle (1Co 1:14). The third epistle of John is addressed to "the well beloved" Gaius or Caius; probably the same, for he evidently had the means to do kindness "to the brethren and to strangers." He was converted through John (3Jo 1:4-5). A Gaius of Macedonia is mentioned in Ac 19:29, and a Gaius of Derbe (Ac 20:4); probably distinct men.

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This name is mentioned in five places of NT. One Gaius was St. Paul's host at Corinth, converted and baptized by him (Ro 16:23; 1Co 1:14). He was perhaps the same as 'Gaius of Derbe' who accompanied the Apostle from Greece to Asia (Ac 20:4); if so, he would be a native of Derbe, but a dweller at Corinth. The Gaius of Macedonia, St. Paul's 'companion in travel' who was seized in the riot at Ephesus (Ac 19:29), and the Gaius addressed by St. John (3Jo 1:1), were probably different men.

A. J. Maclean.

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1. Christian of Macedonia, and companion of Paul. He with Aristarchus was seized and carried into the theatre during the uproar at Ephesus. Ac 19:29.

2. Convert of Derbe in Lycaonia, and companion of Paul. Ac 20:4.

3. Christian at Corinth whom Paul baptised and who was his 'host' and of the whole church. Ro 16:23; 1Co 1:14.

4. Convert of John, whose walk in the truth and in love was commended by the apostle, and to whom he addressed his third Epistle. 3Jo 1:1.

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or Cai'us (lord)--

1. A Macedonian who accompanied Paul in his travels, and whose life was in danger from the mob at Ephesus.

Ac 19:29

(A.D. 54.)

2. Of Derbe. He went with Paul from Corinth in his last journey to Jerusalem.

Ac 20:4

(A.D. 54.)

3. Of Corinth, whom Paul baptized and who was his host in his second journey in that city.

1Co 1:14; Ro 16:23

(These are supposed by some to be only one person.)

4. John's third epistle is addressed to Christian of this name. We may possibly identify him with No. 2.

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