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(1.) Heb matstsab, a station; a place where one stands (1Sa 14:12); a military or fortified post (1Sa 13:23-14:1; 14:4,6, etc.).

(2.) Heb netsib, a prefect, superintendent; hence a military post (1Sa 10:5; 13:3-4; 2Sa 8:6). This word has also been explained to denote a pillar set up to mark the Philistine conquest, or an officer appointed to collect taxes; but the idea of a military post seems to be the correct one.

(3.) Heb matstsebah, properly a monumental column; improperly rendered pl. "garrisons" in Eze 26:11; correctly in Revised Version "pillars," marg. "obelisks," probably an idolatrous image.

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Put in military posts to keep possession of a conquered country, as the Philistines held the land of Israel at the beginning of Saul's reign (1Sa 10:5; 13:3); David, Syria (2Sa 8:6,14). In Eze 26:11, "thy strong garrisons" (matzeboth uzzeek) literally, "the statues of thy strength", i.e. the forts. Or rather (Maurer), the obelisks in honor of the tutelary gods of Tyre (as Melecarte, the Tyrian Hercules whose temple stood in Old Tyre) shall go down to the ground before Nebuchadnezzar, the conqueror, just as he treated Egypt's idol statues (Jer 43:11).

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A place strengthened temporarily for war, or permanently for the protection of the country. The same name is applied to the soldiers who guarded such places. 1Sa 13:3-4,23; 14:1-15; 1Ch 11:16; 18:13; 2Ch 17:2; 2Co 11:32.

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The Hebrew words so rendered in the Authorized Version are derivatives from the root natsab, to "place, erect," which may be applied to a variety of objects.

1. Mattsab and mattsabah undoubtedly mean a "garrison" or fortified post.

1Sa 13:23; 14:14,12,15; 2Sa 23:14

2. Netsib is also used for a "garrison" in

1Ch 11:16

but elsewhere for a "column" erected in an enemy's country as a token of conquest.

1Sa 13:3

3. The same word elsewhere means "officers" placed over a vanquished people.

2Sa 8:6,14; 1Ch 18:13; 2Ch 17:2

4. Mattsebah in

Eze 26:11

means a "pillar."

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