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Mercury-born, at one time Paul's fellow-labourer in Asia Minor, who, however, afterwards abandoned him, along with one Phygellus, probably on account of the perils by which they were beset (2Ti 1:15).

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2Ti 1:15; "all they which are (now) in Asia (when they were in Rome, or else in Nicopolis where they had escorted him, and where he was apprehended on his way to Rome) turned away from me," "ashamed of my chain," unlike Onesiphorus, not standing by me but forsaking me; 2Ti 1:16. "of whom are Hermogenes and Phygellus," specified as persons from whom such unchristian cowardice was not to be expected; often probably spoken of in conversations between Paul and Timothy when together in Asia.

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A companion of St. Paul, who, with Phygelus and 'all that are in Asia,' deserted him (2Ti 1:15). The defection may probably have occurred at a time long past when St. Paul wrote (note RV). The AV refers to a defection at Rome, perhaps of natives of the province Asia in the city; but the aorist is against this.

A. J. Maclean.

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Christian in Asia who had 'turned away' from Paul. 2Ti 1:15. He may not have been an apostate, but have turned from the heavenly character of the truth taught by Paul.

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a person mentioned by St. Paul in the latest of all his epistles,

2Ti 1:15

when all in Asia had turned away from him. (A.D. 64.)

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