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Sometimes horns were wrought into vessels in which oil was stored (1Ki 1:39) or carried (1Sa 16:1). Probably with some dainty ornamentation, they were used to hold eye-paint (Job 42:14, Keren-happuch). Of rams' horns a kind of trumpet was made Jos 6:4); see Music, 4 (2) (e). 'Horns' in poetry symbolized strength (De 33:17 etc.). 'Horn' in Ps 18:2 = 2Sa 22:3 stands for offensive weapons, as 'shield' for defensive (Perowne). To 'exalt one's born,' or 'cause it to bad' (grow), is to strengthen and prosper him (1Sa 2:1; Eze 29:21 etc.). For one to 'lift his horn' is to be arrogant (Ps 75:4-5). To crush or weaken one is to 'break or cut off his born' (Jer 48:25; La 2:3). In prophetic symbolism borns stand for kings and military powers (Da 7:8; 8:21 etc.). The altar borns (Ex 27:2), to which fugitives seeking asylum clung (1Ki 1:50 etc.), were projections at the four corners, and apparently peculiarly sacred (Ex 30:10 etc.); but their significance and use are now unknown.

W. Ewing.

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