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my husband, a symbolical name used in Ho 2:16 (See Baali.)

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1. 31'>1Ch 2:31,9-13,31.

2. 1Ch 4:20.

3. 1Ch 4:42.

4. 1Ch 5:24.

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1. A Jerahmeelite (1Ch 2:31). 2. A Judahite chief (1Ch 4:20). 3. A chief of East Manasseh (1Ch 5:24). 4. One of the captains of the 500 men of the tribe of Simeon who smote the Amalekites at Mt. Seir (1Ch 4:42).

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Ishi. Ish'i

1. Son of Appaim, a descendant of Judah. 1Ch 2:31

1Ch 2:2. Another descendant of Judah. 1Ch 4:20.

3. Descendant of Simeon. 1Ch 4:42.

4. One of the chiefs of Manasseh. 1Ch 5:24.



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1. A man of the descendants of Judah, son of Appaim,

1Ch 2:31

one of the great house of Hezron.

2. In a subsequent genealogy of Judah we find another Ishi, with a son Zoheth.

1Ch 4:20

3. Head of a family of the tribe of Simeon.

1Ch 4:42

4. One of the heads of the tribe of Manasseh on the east of Jordan.

1Ch 5:24

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