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known. (1.) One of the chiefs who subscribed the covenant (Ne 10:21).

(2.) The last high priest mentioned in the Old Testament (Ne 12:11,22), sons of Jonathan.

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1. Successor of Jonathan or Johanan in the high priesthood. The last high priest and the latest name in Old Testament, supposing 1Ch 3:22-24 corrupt. In the reign of the last Persian king Darius and of Alexander; when he invaded Judea Jaddua is said to have gone out in priestly robes to meet Alexander, and to have implored his goodwill toward the Jews (Josephus, Ant. 11:8, section 7; Ne 12:11-22). (See ALEXANDER.) The phrase "Darius the Persian" implies that the Grecian dynasty of Alexander the Great had begun.

2. Ne 10:21.

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1. One of those who sealed the covenant (Ne 10:21). 2. A high priest (Ne 12:11,22). He is doubtless the Jaddua who is named by Josephus in connexion with Alexander the Great (Josephus Ant. XI. viii. 5, cf. vii. 2, viii. 7).

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1. One who sealed the covenant. Ne 10:21.

2. Son of Jonathan, a descendant of Jeshua the priest. Ne 12:11,22.

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1. Son and successor in the high priesthood of Jonathan or Johanan. He is the last of the high priests mentioned in the Old Testament, and probably altogether the latest name in the canon.

Ne 12:11,22

(B.C. 406-332.)

2. One of the chief of the people who sealed the covenant with Nehemiah.

Ne 10:21

(B.C. 410.)

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