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Reference: Jonath Elem Rechokim, Upon


Title of Psalm 56. Hengstenberg translated "Concerning the dumb dove among strangers." The "dove" represents defenseless innocence. Instead of impatient self justification David in meek silence committed his cause to God (Ps 38:13; compare as to his being like a "dove" far from home Ps 55:6-7). He was sojourning among the "far off" Philistine "strangers," to whose king Achish at Gath he fled from Saul (1Sa 21:13-14). David's being "sore afraid" because of the Philistine question, "is not this David the king of the land? Did they not sing ... David hath slain his ten thousands? answers to Ps 56:3. Saul's "wresting his words" into treason is alluded to, Ps 56:5; his vain attempt by iniquitous persecution to escape his foretold doom, Ps 56:7. Meek, dumb trust, and prayer to God, were David's resource. In Psalm 34 David gives thanks for the deliverance here prayed for.

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