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Fences and walls seem to have been little used in Judea, Mr 2:23, though gardens were sometimes inclosed. The ancient and permanent limits, therefore, of individual property in the open field, Ru 2:3, were marked by trees or heaps of stones at the corners; and as it was easy, by removing these, to encroach on a neighbor's ground, a peculiar form of dishonesty arose, requiring a severe punishment, De 19:14; Pr 22:28; Ho 5:10.

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a boundary line indicated by a stone, stake, etc. (De 19:14; 27:17; Pr 22:28; 23:10; Job 24:2). Landmarks could not be removed without incurring the severe displeasure of God.

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A stone or post usually, easily removable, from whence the charges against its removal were needed (De 19:14; 27:16).

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The word (geb

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Anything, as a stone or stake, that marked the boundary of a tribe, or of a man's possession. The moving of such was forbidden by the law. De 19:14; Job 24:2; Pr 22:28; 23:10.

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