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Reference: Mahanaim


An important city E. of Jordan on the frontier of Gad and Manasseh (Jos 13:25,30); it was a Levitical city within the territory of Gad (Jos 21:38,40). It was clearly N. of the Jabbok, as Jacob travelling S. reached it first (Ge 32:2,22). Here Abner made Ish-bosheth, son of Saul, king (2Sa 2:8), and here David took refuge from his rebel son Absalom (2Sa 17:24-27; 19:32). Solomon put Abinadab in authority in this city (1Ki 4:14). There is apparently a reference to Mahanaim in Song 6:13 (see RV and Authorized Version margin). The site of Mahanaim is quite uncertain. A trace of the name appears to linger in Mahneh, the name of a mass of ruins in the Jebel Ajl

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