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Isa 65:11, marg. (A.V., "that number;" R.V., "destiny"), probably an idol which the captive Israelites worshipped after the example of the Babylonians. It may have been a symbol of destiny. LXX., tuche.

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Isa 65:11, "drink offering unto that number," rather to Meni, an idol worshipped by apostate Jews at Babylon. The goddess Fortune, Septuagint, answering to the planet Venus, "the lesser good fortune"; the planet Jupiter being the greater, and answering to Gad. Knobel identifies Gad with the sun, Meni with the moon, men, mene in Greek; "the queen of heaven" (Jer 7:18; 44:17-18). The Arabs worshipped an idol Mannah, a large stone which a thousand years later Saad demolished, in the eighth year of the Hegira; from manah to "number" or "assign."

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A deity named with Gad in Isa 65:11 : 'Ye that

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(fate, fortune).

Isa 65:11

This word is a proper name, and is also the proper name of an object of idolatrous worship cultivated by the Jews in Babylon.

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