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MYSIA was a district in the N.W. of Asia Minor, S. of the Propontis and Hellespont. It derived its name from the Mysi, a Thracian tribe who probably entered Asia with the Phrygians. At no period were its boundaries strictly denned. It formed part of the dominions of the Persians and of Alexander. From b.c. 280 it was part of the kingdom of Pergamus, and therefore fell to the Romans in b.c. 133, becoming part of the province of Asia. The only mention of it in the Bible is Ac 16:7,3, where St. Paul passed through it on his second missionary journey. A tradition assigned the evangelization of part of Mysia to a certain Onesiphorus, who was martyred at Parium when Adrian was proconsul of Asia, a.d. 109

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